Spiritual Skincare Affirmations

Does your skincare regimen need a little Divine inspiration?

How well diet and lifestyle changes and topical skincare products work depends on several factors, but none of those matter as much as this one: having a positive mindset. I’m not talking about being one of those people who skips down the street humming a happy tune (though that’s really fun!).

I’m talking more about how positive your mindset is in the way you approach life and more importantly, how you view yourself.

It’s a proven fact that a positive mindset improves one’s overall health and wellness. Science has also proven that positive thoughts create a positive reality, and negative thoughts create a negative reality. Affirmations are a powerful tool to help make sure your thoughts create a positive reality.
Spiritual Skincare Affirmations
Glowing Skin

Use Spiritual Skincare Affirmations to make clear, glowing skin your reality!

Whether you’re new to this kind of stuff or you’re a seasoned metaphysical pro, sometimes we need help creating affirmations that speak to what we truly want especially when it has to do with something as sensitive as our physical appearance and self-image. I can help!

Here’s how it works:

For just $27, I will create a customized Spiritual Skincare Affirmation for you that you’ll take with you everywhere on an index card in your purse, on a sticky note on your computer or mirror, stuck to your fridge door with a magnet put a copy everywhere you’re sure to see it.

You’ll repeat this affirmation to yourself several times a day:

  • During a light meditation
  • When you look at yourself in the mirror
  • While cooking dinner
  • Between classes or meetings
  • While stopped at a red light (once you have it memorized)
  • In shavasana
  • Anytime you feel stressed, down, or in a funk

Do this for 30 days and see how you feel! If you’re anything like me (and I think you probably are), and you really DO this you’ll be happier with your skin, and yourself once this practice becomes part of your daily routine.

Rachael Pontillo One-on-One

Here’s how to get your personalized Spiritual Skincare Affirmation:

Your customized Spiritual Skincare Affirmation is just $27. Click on the button below-this will take you to the Spiritual Skincare Affirmations page in my online store. Click on Add to Cart and then Checkout and fill out the form.

Ready to Give Your Skincare Regimen a Boost from the Universe?

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IMPORTANT: Be sure to tell me in the notes as much info as possible about your skin condition, how it makes you feel, and most importantly how you WANT to feel about yourself and in your life. I’ll email you your customized affirmation within 3 business days.

Thank you, and I’m so excited for you to see what an amazing difference practicing Spiritual Skincare Affirmations will make for you!

“Rachael’s greatest strength is helping others by just being herself and doing what she does best – listening well with an open heart.”
Maria F.
Philadelphia, PA
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