What Aestheticians Should Know About Choosing Skincare Ingredients

A Student Story by Richard Merrill

Richard Merrill Create Your Skincare Student

Richard Merrill is a former student of Create Your Skincare who is an award-winning aesthetician and educator based in Los Angeles, CA. He’s also the founder of the natural skincare product line, Phoenix Apothecary (no longer in production).

Richard took Create Your Skincare to learn new perspectives on natural skincare formulation — and also to get a bias-free understanding of the ingredients used in skincare and how they work. The beauty industry is so full of hype, and often companies that offer ‘cosmetic chemistry training’ to aestheticians and other spa professionals, do so with a bias towards their own products.

Watch the interview with Richard to hear more about:

  • The value of knowing how different ingredients work together in a professional skincare formulation
  • How learning about different (and sometimes unfamiliar) types of formulations or products, benefits both aestheticians and anyone else interested in working with skincare products or having a skincare product line
  • Why he encourages his students and other aestheticians to take Create Your Skincare, even if they have no plans to ever have their own skincare product line

Richard Merrill is a nationally recognized celebrity aesthetician, educator, holistic health coach and spa consultant.
In his practice he develops customized protocols and treatment plans for each client to address chief skincare concerns. Utilizing non-invasive modalities such as LightStim® LED Devices and high performance botanicals specifically designed to treat all skin types and conditions.

To truly approach the whole body, Richard also attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (just like I did!) to become a Certified Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach. This has boosted service results as well as his business coaching services.

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