Tasha Hetke: A Create Your Skincare Story

with Tasha Hetke of Native2Nature Skincare

Tasha Hetke Create Your Skincare Student

Tasha Hetke launched Native2Nature Skincare in 2018. After her mother’s leukemia diagnosis led her family towards a holistic lifestyle, and her own struggles with finding the right skincare for her eczema and blemishes led her to take matters into her own hands. Through Create Your Skincare, Tasha was not only able to find the solution to her own skin issues but also developed a strong passion for organic, unrefined ingredients, which became the foundation for Native2Nature Skincare.

Tasha is a graduate of Create Your Skincare Professional Edition and is a certified Boutique Skincare Designer™.

Learn more about Tasha’s brand inspiration and Create Your Skincare experience below:

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