Hi, I’m Rachael Pontillo.

I am passionate about helping women reclaim their skin by teaching them how to use and create organic skincare products.
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Must Have Secrets to Gorgeous Skin with Bonus Skincare Gift Guide.

Younger Rachael Pontillo

Have you ever felt like you’ve been lied to your whole life?

As a teen, I suffered with really bad acne. Kids would stare and pass horrible judgment on me just because of how I looked.

My parents, teachers, and doctors told me “Don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it.” But I didn’t–my breakouts continued into my thirties.

So I took matters into my own hands.

What’s the Solution?

My body didn’t respond to conventional products, fad diets, or generic advice. Sadly, so many others had the same experience. So I took matters into my own hands.

I researched skin and nutrition, went back to school for my aesthetics license, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certification. The knowledge I gained contradicted pretty much everything I had ever been told or sold about nutrition and skincare.

I changed my diet and began making my own organic skincare products. I was able to reclaim my skin, the self I thought I’d lost, and change my whole world because I was empowered to upgrade my lifestyle to fit my needs.

I also started studying metaphysics which led me to understand that there’s nothing flawed about me, because I come from the same source that created everything else that exists in perfection in nature and this Universe. I’m a part of it and it’s a part of me; and as perfect as the smoothest petal is on the reddest rose, so perfect am I.

Once I embraced that, everything else fell right into place.

Mature Rachael Pontillo
After just a couple months of working with Rachael and using her customized products, my blemishes cleared mostly and my skin started looking healthy! I had spent years torturing my skin with harsh chemicals that it was so inflamed, red and oily. I’m happy to know I am also “feeding” my skin now.
Jessie Lewis
Chicago, IL
Rachael Pontillo
Rachael is so warm, understanding, and encouraging; I couldn’t ask for anything more in a coach. She knows how to ask just the right questions to help me uncover exactly what it is that’s holding me back from my dreams. Choosing her as my coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Jaimie Edmunds
West Chester, PA

Online Courses

and quality organic skincare education.

For years, I’ve devoted my career to helping women take their skin, health, and lives back into their own hands.

What started out being about skincare has become about so much more. There are still millions of women out there who feel ugly, flawed, and less than perfect. Too many women and girls suffer with low self-image, lack of confidence, and self-loathing, and it’s got to stop.

The entertainment, food, healthcare, and cosmetics industries aren’t doing enough to help. In fact, by selling products made with unhealthy chemical ingredients and toxins, and creating unhealthy and unrealistic images in pop culture, these industries are not only making matters worse–they’re stifling the collective female spirit. Well, no more!

The time has come for us women to take it all back; to reclaim our spirit, our beauty, our skin, ourselves, our lives.

I created RachaelPontillo.com and CreateYourSkincare.com to provide you with online courses and resources full of the knowledge, tools, and empowerment you need to upgrade our lifestyle.

Whether you’re ready to jump start a new career in organic skincare or want to explore videos, books, and recipes – I have designed it all – just for you!

Organic Skincare Courses

My teaching style provides a simple, step-by-step process that meets you where you’re at, and gives you benefits you can touch, see, and feel at each stage, as you start to look and feel the way you want and deserve to.

Rachael Pontillo Skincare Education:

Your process is as unique as you are, and you begin when the time is right for you. My role is to help reveal your path and guide you as you walk it. 

Read about available books here.

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Let’s Get Started

Rachael Pontillo with herbs and her book, Love Your Skin, Love Yourself

Work with me

This is my MOST POPULAR course. In this 10-video series, we’ll cut through the fluff! You’ll get the BEST of what to do with your diet, topical skincare regimen, and mindset to get gorgeous skin. Plus, you’ll get Skincare Gift Guide with every purchase.

Free Skincare Course

Free Skincare Course

Get started making your own skincare products now with my free mini e-course, Boutique Skincare Basics!

Hash it out with Rachael

Hash It Out

If you had 1 whole hour to pick the brain of a true holistic skincare expert, what would you want to know?

Do you want to start a new skincare business or resuscitate one that’s drowning?

Contact Rachael Pontillo

I do what I do because I believe that women are the future. Women will heal this planet. Women will heal humanity when women have the confidence, self-worth, and ability to realize their full potential. It all starts with having the ability to love and honor the person in the mirror and healing the skin is the first step.

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