Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender

Have trouble sleeping at night? Spray some lavender water on your pillowcase, or add a few drops of lavender oil to a warm bath, and imagine lovely rolling fields of lavender in the French countryside. Have a headache? Rub a little lavender essential oil on your temples. Too many bugs in your garden? Plant some […]

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Winterize Your Skincare Regimen

You winterize your car, you winterize your home, you winterize your wardrobe…but do you winterize your skincare regimen?? Why do we winterize all of these different things in our lives? Because winter weather conditions cause physical changes that can be damaging. These changes affect our skin as well. Skin that is normally supple and moist

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How I Treated My Acne…and How I SHOULD Have Treated it…

When my acne first started, I did what most of the kids that age did at that time. I went to the drugstore and got the zit-zapping wonders I saw advertised on after-school television. I knew nothing about how to apply products properly, what products to apply, how much to apply, etc. I had no

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