Home Care: You Have to Do Your Part

When I talk about skin care services with people, I notice that most of them love the facials, love the aesthetician who performed the service, and love how good their skin looks and feels after the service. However, most people complain about the fact that at the end of the service their aesthetician tries to sell them products. After, they complain that their skin only looks good for a couple of days after the facial. It goes back to breaking out. Lines are as visible as they were before the service.

This is really baffling to me. If you go to a doctor or hospital to treat an ailment and they give you a medication to take or special diet to follow, you do that without question, don’t you? Because you know that if you don’t follow your doctor’s instructions, your ailment will not go away.

The same is true for skin care.

Yes, part of an aesthetician’s job is to sell you products, but the products they are advising you to buy were selected for a specific reason. They were selected because they will maximize the results of the treatment you just received, and help maintain these results in the long run.

In some cases, an aesthetician will recommend a specific regimen before you receive a treatment like a peel, so the skin is properly prepared for the actual treatment. Without proper preparation before the treatment, the treatment really cannot be effective.

One of my colleagues used the analogy of an apple that is covered in shellac. You have to remove all of those layers of greasy wax before you can get to skin of the apple. Proper home care will do just that. It will ensure that the skin is in the correct condition for the treatment products to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and do their job.

Why is skincare so expensive?

Many people complain about the high cost of some of high quality skincare products. The price is reflective of the quality and quantity of the performance ingredients in the product. And truthfully, most clinical lines are not any more expensive than department or specialty store lines.

If you make the decision to go to an aesthetician, it is because you want to see an improvement in your skin. Money doesn’t grow on trees and good skin care treatments don’t come cheap. If you do not follow the correct home care regimen, these treatments will not be effective. You would be basically throwing your money away.

Do your part

The aesthetican will do his or her part by deep cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, and treating the skin with the professional equipment and products at the salon or spa. This is only half of the treatment. The other half is up to you. If you commit to a skin treatment plan, you need to do your part by listening to the skin care and product education your aesthetician provides you with. Take the products home and use them as directed. If you do this, you WILL see a positive change in your skin.

Is home care really that important?

Proper home care is so important in whether or not you will achieve your skin care goals. In fact, some aestheticians will not even treat clients who do not follow the recommended home care regimen. Some may still treat the client, but will require them to sign a waiver that states that they have been told about the importance of proper home care and that it is their own decision to ignore the advice, and by doing so, they are compromising the effectiveness of the treatment.

So just like following your doctor’s orders, it is very important to follow your aesthetician’s recommendations for your at-home skin care regimen. It is your responsibility, and it is in your best interest. If you are just going to the spa for relaxation, and don’t care about results that is one thing. But most people don’t like paying for services that don’t work.

Doing your part by following your prescribed home care routine will make sure that you are getting the best results possible from the treatments you receive from your aesthetician. Your skin will look its best.

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